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Krypton Core



Krypton Core

A secure, convenient new home for your SSH + PGP private key on your phone.

Easy Public Key Export

Easily upload your public key to services like GitHub, AWS, GoogleCloud, DigitalOcean, Bitbucket, and more.

Personal Audit Logs

Manually export your audit logs over email, AirDrop, Slack, etc.

Krypton Teams



Try Krypton Teams on us.


Team members


Audit Logs /month





per user / month

Protect your team's infrastructure.



Standard Support

Help when you need it via email.


Deploy Krypton across your organization.

Lock-down Keys Remotely

Geo-fences, bluetooth-only, time-based policies, and multi-person approvals from 2-out-of-3 (or more) team members.

Custom Deployment

Integrate Krypton Teams into your existing infrastructure with custom-built solutions. Deploy Krypton's backend in your own cloud or on premises seamlessly.

Priority Support

Help around the clock via call, chat, or email.

Team Management

Invite all of your team members to join your Krypton team with a single link. Create custom temporary approval rules and usage policies.

Real-time Audit Logs

Keep track of every phone, workstation, and server that are active in your infrastructure in real-time. All audit log data is encrypted and only accessible by team admins.

Trustless Infrastructure

Krypton Teams is built on top of an end-to-end verified infrastructure. Public keys and team policies are cryptographically verified, and audit logs are encrypted to team admins. hosts the team infrastructure, but the data is unmodifiable by or any other party.

Lock-down Keys Remotely

Set policies dynamically to limit when and how the security key can be used. Policies take effect in real-time. Create Geo-fences to limit where the key can be used. Enable bluetooth-only to make the key usable only within-range of a paired computer. Require approval from 2-out-of-3 (or more) team members for pushing production code or logging into sensitive servers. Satisfy PCI Dual Control compliance by ensuring high-stakes resources are not accessible by any single team member.

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